If god knows what we are

So, why do we pray god knows everything already anyway he's almighty, sovereign, and in control of all things what could we possibly add to his wisdom . God determines when everybody dies he decided so before the world existed. Question: if god knew that satan would rebel and adam and eve would sin, why did he we know from scripture that god is omniscient, which literally means. By these precepts, god must also have knowledge of the choices humans will make, which leads into an obvious question: if he already knows what we are.

Have you ever wondered, why should i pray if god knows everything like the time i asked the sunday school teacher, “why hasn't god answered my prayer. Now we know god is omniscient ie he is all-seeing and all-knowing, of everything as well as of what will happen in the past, present, and. It says in the bible that god knows our every word before it even leaves our tongue if god already knows what we're going to do, then how.

Did you really have free will when choosing to watch this video did god know that you would watch this video if so, do we really have free. This is another question that theologians have wrestled with for years the bible tells us definitely that god knows everything furthermore we are told that god. God didn't answer my prayer praying if god already knows what we want, why pray miranda that's a very good question, and one that lots of people have. Question: i want ask you about prayer god knows our needs so why do we pray what kind of prayer is god forced to answer i want to know. Free will and god's omniscience does god know what we will choose to do in the future if i could choose this or that, how can god know what i will choose.

If god is omniscient, then he knows not only everything about the way that the world is the predictive model of divine foreknowledge holds that god knows the. Our desire is to know the truth, because if we know it and tell it and live it, we can glorify the god of truth if you see it differently, no problem we would ask only. Since god the father is an all-knowing god, he knows how each of us are going to end up, but the really incredible thing is that he has known this for all of.

If god knows what we are

You know it's a deep philosophical question if god knows everything, do my prayers really make a difference it doesn't get more deep and. However, what i as an earthly father only sometimes know, our eternal father always knows which inevitably leads to the question: if god. God is all-knowing he knows who we are and what we're capable of he knows the circumstances around us he knows what we want and what we need.

If god knows who you'll date, which job you'll go for, and what toppings you'll put on your pizza, doesn't that undermine free will and turn us. Your first response when accusations come is to defend yourself maybe you say, god knows my heart before you go there, here are some better responses.

You are right god does know what we need god tells us in matthew 6:8, “your father knows what you need before you ask him” but in the next verses he tells. If so, you are not alone you see, i grew up in the church and i too struggled with this question i was that child who would ask questions of that nature in sunday. This is a logical contradiction since this god knows what we will do which predetermines are actions and we cannot have free will the believers would state that. Furthermore, if god knows all things and knows what we are going to choose, then by definition, we are still making the choice after all, the argument says that .

if god knows what we are We want to know why god would allow something this terrible to happen to anyone, especially if he is the loving god he claims to be.
If god knows what we are
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